Simone Lahbib in Red Mercury (2005)

Sexy woman stripped and robbedSexy Scottish actress Simone may have been pushing 40 in this crime drama, but she still looked hot when she was ordered to strip to her underwear by a gang of robbers in this long scene.

A trio of armed baddies storm a high class restaurant and order the customers and management up against a wall. There they are told to strip off and throw their clothes in front of them, where one of the gang rifles through the pockets collecting phones, wallets and other valuables.

Meanwhile everyone is looking embarrassed and vulnerable as they stand shivering in their skimpy underwear, especially Simone who is wearing sexy stockings and suspenders. Luckily for them they are handed back their clothes and quickly dress to preserve what little dignity they have left.

Esteemed actresses Stella Gonet and Stockard Channing are also among the MILFs humiliated by the thieves.

Nude View — Plenty of cleavage and leg from the stripped actresses, but alas no nudity.