Prison officer rapes female inmate

Busty inmate is forced to strip in filmStunning Lori Jo Hendrix plays a young American woman thrown into a Turkish jail after being wrongly arrested on vacation in the cult flick Prison Heat (1993).

There she attracts the unwanted attention of the slimy prison warden, who soon calls her into his office. He makes it perfectly clear that unless she complies with his orders she will never be set free. Unsurprisingly, his first order is for Lori to take off all her clothes. She refuses so he gets a little rough, walking towards her and yanking her top so hard it rips apart, exposing her huge fake breasts which he hungrily gropes and sucks.

Lori screams and fights valiantly, but here is nothing she can do to stop him raping her.

Nude View — Lori’s sensational tits are seen many times during this long scene.