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A lady prison guard is stripped naked

Guard forced to strip in Womens Prison MassacreFour inmates on death row somehow escape from their own jail and manage to take over a women’s prison in the terrible movie Women’s Prison Massacre (1983).

One of the escapees — a particularly greasy looking individual — decides he quite likes the look of stuffy warden Lorraine De Selle and corners her in her office. He tells her that if she doesn’t take off all her clothes he’ll kill her, so she does as she’s told.

She strips slowly and hesitantly, causing him to shout “Faster!” at her until finally she is standing fully nude with her tits and pussy on show. Having humiliated her, the guy walks straight past her and leaves.

Nude View — Lorraine shows full frontal for the cameras — lovely!

Female prisoner is humiliated by warden

A prisoner is strip searched in Bad GirlsThe British TV series Bad Girls (2000) was set inside a women’s prison and featured a whole host of unrealistically sexy inmates who occasionally were shown nude.

One such occasion occurred when Mandana Jones was subjected to a stripsearch inside her cell. The butch female prison officer tells her to strip totally nude and then places a mirror between her feet, telling her to squat. Mandana does so as the officer looks up her pussy and ass but there’s nothing there.

The officer moves away and tells her to put her clothes back on, but just then a male prison officer walking past the open cell door glances in and stops in his tracks upon seeing Mandana’s pussy and breasts. She quickly covers up but too late, he already got a good eyeful.

Nude View — Her ass and sideboob are visible only as we unfortunately don’t get as good a look as the wardens.