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Hot policewoman is told to undress

A lady cop is made to strip by baddiesPretty Asian cop Grace Park is caught in a tricky situation when she goes undercover in this scene from the remake of the TV series Hawaii Five-O.

To prove she’s not wearing a wire she is made to take off her dress in a room full of baddies. She has no choice but to comply and looks very embarrassed as she stands in just her underwear while the guys stare at her, undressing her with their eyes. The leader walks over and touches her back, causing Grace to flinch as she starts to get more and more nervous about the situation she’s in. But he simply takes a quick photo of her with his iPhone and lets her put her clothes back on.

Nude View — Underwear only, but she still looks sexy as hell.

Nazi makes a woman strip nude

A soldier forces a woman to undressA German officer makes pretty Florence Pernel undress in his office in this scene from a French wartime drama called Les Steenfort (1996).

Abusing his power, he summons her in and instructs her to remove her dress. As it lies around her ankles he motions arrogantly for her to slip the strap of her underwear off her shoulder, thus exposing her right breast.

The poor woman is extremely embarrassed but things get worse for her as before long she is standing completely naked for the perv’s viewing pleasure.

Nude View — Florence is made to go the whole hog and does full frontal nudity.

Aya Sumika made to undress in Numb3rs

Aya Sumika forced to strip in Numb3rsAsian-American babe Aya played an FBI Special Agent in the popular series Numb3rs and in this episode she has to go undercover and do a drug deal.

However, the drug dealer is suspicious and wants to make sure she’s not wearing a wire, so he gets her to take off her skirt and top, leaving her exposed and wearing only a matching bra and panties set.

He makes her turn around and then pats down the clothes she took off, all the while eying her hot body with a smug sneer on his face which makes her feel more uncomfortable by the second. Eventually he’s satisfied and lets her dress again.

Nude View — We only see her in her underwear, but the lack of skin doesn’t stop this being a hot scene.

Jessica Alba has her panties pulled down

Jessica Alba nude scene showing her buttSexy celeb Jessica Alba plays a prostitute who is assaulted by Casey Affleck in the drama The Killer Inside Me (2010).

Affleck carries her into the bedroom kicking and screaming and throws her face down on the bed. Then he yanks down her pants and underwear, exposing her ass, and proceeds to whip her butt with his belt repeatedly as Jessica sobs and screams for him to stop.

She must’ve enjoyed it at least a little bit though because the two of them become lovers after that!

Nude View — Jessica’s buns fill the screen — niiiiiice!

Soldier forces woman to show him her breasts

A woman has her top ripped open exposing her breastsA drunk soldier takes a fancy to English actress Andrea Riseborough in this scene from the British period drama The Devil’s Whore (2008).

He corners her and demands sex from her, ripping down her top to expose her tits and telling her to get on her back so he can fuck her. Andrea stands up for herself though and grabs a sword to defend herself whereupon she proceeds to attack her attacker, despite her tits bouncing around just above her neckline. How very distracting for the soldier!

Nude View — Andrea’s small tits are on show as she fights.

Prison officer rapes female inmate

Busty inmate is forced to strip in filmStunning Lori Jo Hendrix plays a young American woman thrown into a Turkish jail after being wrongly arrested on vacation in the cult flick Prison Heat (1993).

There she attracts the unwanted attention of the slimy prison warden, who soon calls her into his office. He makes it perfectly clear that unless she complies with his orders she will never be set free. Unsurprisingly, his first order is for Lori to take off all her clothes. She refuses so he gets a little rough, walking towards her and yanking her top so hard it rips apart, exposing her huge fake breasts which he hungrily gropes and sucks.

Lori screams and fights valiantly, but here is nothing she can do to stop him raping her.

Nude View — Lori’s sensational tits are seen many times during this long scene.