TODAY'S FEATURED VIDEO - Linda Carol: Reform School Girls (1986)

Female prisoner forced to undress

A sexy jailed lady has to remove her clothesLinda Carol plays one of the titular Reform School Girls (1986) in this exploitative so-bad-it’s-good movie about the goings on inside a reform school for teenage girls.

In this scene she’s fallen foul of the matronly head warden, a fat bitch who decides to teach Carol a lesson. So she orders her up against a wall, tells her to strip off all her clothes and blasts her with a water cannon.

Linda screams and shrieks as her naked body is soaked by the cold water, her big breasts bouncing and swaying as the warden douses her and laughs an evil laugh.

Nude View — Linda’s lovely tits are the main focus of this scene, and rightly so.

Sexy Asian prisoner strip searched

A lady is stripsearchedA hot Asian lady is sent to jail in this scene from the Hong Kong thriller Hei Mao (1991) and is given a rough time by the prison staff when she arrives to begin her sentence.

Jade Leung plays the lady in question and is told to take off her clothes so she can be searched. To add to the indignity of being nude in a room full of strangers, she is told to spread her legs while an officer puts on a rubber glove to give her an anal cavity search.

All the while Jade’s stoic expression doesn’t change as she’s determined not to give her abusers the satisfaction of seeing her squirm or cry, even though deep down she is thoroughly humiliated.

Nude View — Her ass and tits are shown.

Kidnapped woman has to do a striptease

A captive lady is forced to do a stripteaseElina Madison plays a cam girl who attracts the unwanted attention of a cyber perv in the modern thriller Look @ Me (2005).

Not content with watching Elina on his PC, this crazy dude kidnaps her and locks her in a bedroom which has been kitted out with cameras and microphones. Then he sits in another room and watches her, issuing sexual instructions which she has no choice but to follow.

In this scene he makes her lie on the bed and take off her clothes slowly, giving him a sexy striptease and then making her touch herself. She obviously hates doing this and the frustration and humiliation is plain to see in her pretty face.

Nude View — Her firm breasts are seen when she is made to get her kit off.

Stripper forced to give a private show

A lady strips against her willTwo baddies break into a strip joint during the day when it’s closed in this scene from Strip ‘n Run (1998). They find one of the strippers alone there (sexy Roxana Zal) and decide they want a show free of charge.

So pointing a gun at her they tell her to slowly take off her clothes and dance for them. She protests, but realises she has to obey them and eventually starts to go through her routine, albeit with a face like thunder. The guys sneer approvingly as they eye up her hot body.

Nude View — Roxanna’s cute, pert little tits are there for all to admire.

Young actress forced to fuck on the casting couch

Asian actress made to stripA budding actress — Shirley Yu — is treated rather poorly by a film director in Hong Kong movie The Call Girls (1977).

In this scene he has her alone in a bedroom and after a bit of chit chat makes it clear he wants her to take her clothes off for him. She refuses and he lunges at her to try and tear her top but she slaps him away. The director then says something very persuasive as she reluctantly lets him remove her top and skirt to leave her standing in just her panties, her pert breasts exposed.

Then he throws her onto the bed and she looks resigned to defeat as he looms menacingly over her…

Nude View — Shirley’s tits are seen, but unfortunately her bottoms stay on.

Lone woman terrorized by sexual predators

Asian lady made to strip in The Girlie BarIn this scene from The Girlie Bar (1976), sexy Chen Ping is surrounded by three baddies in a secluded spot at night and they decide they’d quite like to see her naked.

So they order Chen to strip and — being scared for her life — the pretty lady does so, removing her shirt to reveal her breasts and then taking her pants off.

The scumbags eye her up and down and then pounce on her, groping and grabbing her tits. It looks as though Chen will be raped, but a dashing hero arrives on a motorbike in the nick of time and fights off the baddies with his amazing kung fu moves while Chen retrieves her clothes and hurriedly dresses. Hurrah!

Nude View — Chen’s chest can be seen as she reluctantly takes her top off.