Lone woman terrorized by sexual predators

Asian lady made to strip in The Girlie BarIn this scene from The Girlie Bar (1976), sexy Chen Ping is surrounded by three baddies in a secluded spot at night and they decide they’d quite like to see her naked.

So they order Chen to strip and — being scared for her life — the pretty lady does so, removing her shirt to reveal her breasts and then taking her pants off.

The scumbags eye her up and down and then pounce on her, groping and grabbing her tits. It looks as though Chen will be raped, but a dashing hero arrives on a motorbike in the nick of time and fights off the baddies with his amazing kung fu moves while Chen retrieves her clothes and hurriedly dresses. Hurrah!

Nude View — Chen’s chest can be seen as she reluctantly takes her top off.