Italian actress made to get naked

Laura Belli nakedSexy Laura Belli is forced to remove all her clothes in this scene from Italian crime thriller La Polizia ringrazia (1972).

The pretty brunette has been kidnapped by a baddie and taken to his hideout as he tries to evade the police, who are hot on his tail. He tells Laura to strip, but she refuses so he slaps her across the face and repeats his order.

Realising resistance is futile she takes off her shirt and then her skirt until she’s standing only in her panties. The scumbag makes her take those off too and soon Laura is totally naked as he eyeballs her up and down, causing her to try and cover up in shame. Then she’s forced into a room and locked in.

Nude View — Laura’s small breasts and ass are seen in this long, gratuitous scene.