Girls stripped nude in The Last House on the Left (1972)

Teens made to remove their clothesA gang of depraved assholes force a couple of hot female teenagers they befriend into the woods where they stop being so friendly. In fact, they are downright nasty as Wes Craven’s horror starts its most infamous and disturbing scene.

The girls are forced to strip down to their underwear as the guys stand around smoking and laughing. Sobbing, the terrified women hug each other before they’re ordered to take off their panties too. One does it but the other can’t bring herself to do so and has to be helped by her girlfriend.

Soon they stand nude and humiliated in the woods but their day is about to get a lot worse as they are eventually gang raped by the scumbags.

Nude View — Sandra Cassel and Lucy Grantham are the violated actresses who show their breasts, butts and pussies during their long ordeal.