Black woman strips at gunpoint

Sai Tyler is forced to take her clothes offBeautiful ebony actress Sai Tyler is hassled by a horny criminal in this titillating scene from the low-budget and low-quality movie Under Lock and Key (1995).

A group of baddies gatecrash a party on board a swanky yacht and whip out their pistols (that’s not a euphemism) in order to rob the guests. One nasty piece of work corners sexy Sai in a secluded area and, pointing his weapon at her, tells her to strip. She reluctantly complies, removing her elegant cocktail dress and allowing her big tits to spill forth as she wasn’t wearing a bra.

As she stands scared and vulnerable in just a small black thong, the guy reaches out to grope her, but he’s thwarted when a police officer arrives and grabs him around the neck from behind before cuffing him, thereby saving Sai from a probable sexual assault.