Aya Sumika made to undress in Numb3rs

Aya Sumika forced to strip in Numb3rsAsian-American babe Aya played an FBI Special Agent in the popular series Numb3rs and in this episode she has to go undercover and do a drug deal.

However, the drug dealer is suspicious and wants to make sure she’s not wearing a wire, so he gets her to take off her skirt and top, leaving her exposed and wearing only a matching bra and panties set.

He makes her turn around and then pats down the clothes she took off, all the while eying her hot body with a smug sneer on his face which makes her feel more uncomfortable by the second. Eventually he’s satisfied and lets her dress again.

Nude View — We only see her in her underwear, but the lack of skin doesn’t stop this being a hot scene.