Alison Whitney in Bacterium (2006)

Alison Whitney forced to strip in BacteriumHot teen Alison Whitney stumbles across an abandoned house while in the woods and decides to check it out — big mistake.

Turns out the house is being used by a renegade scientist who is trying to develop a biological weapon and he’s not impressed with having to interrupt his work to deal with an intruder. So donning a gas mask, he waits for her to walk down to the basement and surprises her, blocking her exit.

He points a gun at her and orders her to strip. She is either too stupid to realise the trouble she’s in or is extremely cool under pressure because she starts back-chatting him while removing her clothes. Only once she is completely nude does she try to cover herself with her arms as the sexy teenager starts to feel vulnerable.

She is forced into a room and the baddie locks her in before releasing some of the gas, causing her to panic and scramble for a way out as her prison slowly fills with fumes…

Nude View — Alison’s nubile breasts are shown and her nipples get noticeably erect as the cold air hits them. There’s also a quick shot of her nicely trimmed pussy. Sexy gal, lousy actress.