TODAY'S FEATURED VIDEO - Linda Carol: Reform School Girls (1986)

Alison Whitney in Bacterium (2006)

Alison Whitney forced to strip in BacteriumHot teen Alison Whitney stumbles across an abandoned house while in the woods and decides to check it out — big mistake.

Turns out the house is being used by a renegade scientist who is trying to develop a biological weapon and he’s not impressed with having to interrupt his work to deal with an intruder. So donning a gas mask, he waits for her to walk down to the basement and surprises her, blocking her exit.

He points a gun at her and orders her to strip. She is either too stupid to realise the trouble she’s in or is extremely cool under pressure because she starts back-chatting him while removing her clothes. Only once she is completely nude does she try to cover herself with her arms as the sexy teenager starts to feel vulnerable.

She is forced into a room and the baddie locks her in before releasing some of the gas, causing her to panic and scramble for a way out as her prison slowly fills with fumes…

Nude View — Alison’s nubile breasts are shown and her nipples get noticeably erect as the cold air hits them. There’s also a quick shot of her nicely trimmed pussy. Sexy gal, lousy actress.

Italian actress made to get naked

Laura Belli nakedSexy Laura Belli is forced to remove all her clothes in this scene from Italian crime thriller La Polizia ringrazia (1972).

The pretty brunette has been kidnapped by a baddie and taken to his hideout as he tries to evade the police, who are hot on his tail. He tells Laura to strip, but she refuses so he slaps her across the face and repeats his order.

Realising resistance is futile she takes off her shirt and then her skirt until she’s standing only in her panties. The scumbag makes her take those off too and soon Laura is totally naked as he eyeballs her up and down, causing her to try and cover up in shame. Then she’s forced into a room and locked in.

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Black woman strips at gunpoint

Sai Tyler is forced to take her clothes offBeautiful ebony actress Sai Tyler is hassled by a horny criminal in this titillating scene from the low-budget and low-quality movie Under Lock and Key (1995).

A group of baddies gatecrash a party on board a swanky yacht and whip out their pistols (that’s not a euphemism) in order to rob the guests. One nasty piece of work corners sexy Sai in a secluded area and, pointing his weapon at her, tells her to strip. She reluctantly complies, removing her elegant cocktail dress and allowing her big tits to spill forth as she wasn’t wearing a bra.

As she stands scared and vulnerable in just a small black thong, the guy reaches out to grope her, but he’s thwarted when a police officer arrives and grabs him around the neck from behind before cuffing him, thereby saving Sai from a probable sexual assault.

Simone Lahbib in Red Mercury (2005)

Sexy woman stripped and robbedSexy Scottish actress Simone may have been pushing 40 in this crime drama, but she still looked hot when she was ordered to strip to her underwear by a gang of robbers in this long scene.

A trio of armed baddies storm a high class restaurant and order the customers and management up against a wall. There they are told to strip off and throw their clothes in front of them, where one of the gang rifles through the pockets collecting phones, wallets and other valuables.

Meanwhile everyone is looking embarrassed and vulnerable as they stand shivering in their skimpy underwear, especially Simone who is wearing sexy stockings and suspenders. Luckily for them they are handed back their clothes and quickly dress to preserve what little dignity they have left.

Esteemed actresses Stella Gonet and Stockard Channing are also among the MILFs humiliated by the thieves.

Nude View — Plenty of cleavage and leg from the stripped actresses, but alas no nudity.

Girls stripped nude in The Last House on the Left (1972)

Teens made to remove their clothesA gang of depraved assholes force a couple of hot female teenagers they befriend into the woods where they stop being so friendly. In fact, they are downright nasty as Wes Craven’s horror starts its most infamous and disturbing scene.

The girls are forced to strip down to their underwear as the guys stand around smoking and laughing. Sobbing, the terrified women hug each other before they’re ordered to take off their panties too. One does it but the other can’t bring herself to do so and has to be helped by her girlfriend.

Soon they stand nude and humiliated in the woods but their day is about to get a lot worse as they are eventually gang raped by the scumbags.

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Sexy porn star made to undress

A sexy lady is forced to get nakedHot porn star Janet Reddix is forced to get nude in this scene from classic porno flick The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers (1992). The adult movie is a parody of Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel and features a whole host of top porn stars from its day.

In this scene the fair maiden Janet is ordered to take off her clothes by the evil cardinal and put something more revealing on instead in preparation for a night of wanton debauchery at the hands of the slimy baddie. Janet starts to snivel as she slowly undresses, the camera zooming in for close-ups of her perfect breasts and shaved pussy, before pulling on the skimpy outfit provided for her.

Thereafter she is ravaged against her will by a couple of guys and wouldn’t you just know it, pretty soon she is enjoying getting double teamed, stops crying and really gets into it. I guess in the world of porn, no doesn’t really mean no.

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